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AMERA Announces that Event Registration is now OPEN for their 2015 Annual AMERA Conference at LAS VEGAS, NV.

Phoenix, Ariz., December 22, 2014- The American Medical Education and Research Association, a professional association whose goal is to elevate the field of Non-Transplant Tissue Banking and Bioskills Training Facilities, announced today that they will be hosting their 2015 Annual AMERA Conference at the Oquendo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 8th to the 10th, 2015.

The 2015 Annual AMERA Conference is open to anyone within the industry; however, you must be registered to attend the meeting. More details and the link for registration are located at Discounted hotel reservations at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas will be available to registered attendees.

There will be opportunities to listen to keynote speakers for topics regarding government agencies, critical changes in the industry, new legislative measures, and open forum discussions regarding standards, accreditation, and more. AMERA’s Committees will be presenting updates and proposing new standards. There will be panel Q&A’s for all keynote speakers. We encourage participating in a workshop style during the open forums and encourage members to join AMERA’s committees.

Meet and learn about sponsors, exhibitors, keynote speakers, current board members, and there will be further networking opportunities with other members and leaders of the industry at AMERA hosted events on February 8th and 9th, 2015. Current AMERA members will be able to participate in ratifying proposed standards and changes, and participate in the election process for Board of Directors.

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2015 Annual AMERA Conference please contact or for further details.

Any further questions or business inquiries please contact or contact by phone at 855-902-6372

Quinn Morrison - Sunday, December 21, 2014

The American Medical Education and Research Association Releases Their Application for Level 1 Accreditation

Phoenix, Arizona, June 05, 2013- The American Medical Education and Research Association, a professional association whose goal is to elevate the field of Non-Transplant Tissue Banking and Bioskills Training Facilities, announced today that the application for Level 1 Accreditation is now available.

The release of the Level 1 Accreditation application will permit both Non-Transplant Tissue Banks and Bioskills Facilities to apply for accreditation following the AMERA Standards for Accreditation for Non-Transplant Tissue Banks and Bioskills Facilities. A second edition of these standards was recently released back in March of 2013 and is the first of its kind to be published for this industry that was inclusive of standards for the Bioskills training community.

AMERA has provided the creation and adherence to professional standards that demonstrate their commitment to higher standards and ethics to this field of science for Non-Transplant Tissue Banks and Bioskills Facilities that is often misunderstood. AMERA continues to increase efforts to promote and educate about Non-Transplant Tissue Banks and Bioskills Facilities, educate the public on whole body donation, provide standards, and advocates for such legislative issues that promotes responsible oversight in the interest of accountability and public safety.

In legislative measures, AMERA and its members have lobbied House Bills in Oregon and Florida. Successful measurements were made in Oregon’s House Bill 3345 which provided regulation of persons that engage in recovery or distribution of anatomical material from donors for research or education purposes other than transplant or therapy. Originally the house bill would require the oversight to be by the Oregon Mortuary Board. Due to the dire impact on the medical community and the non-transplant tissue banking industry, AMERA and its members were able to successfully get the house bill amended to have the Oregon Health Authority render oversight with established financial caps and to require accreditation following AMERA standards. The amended HB-3345 passed the House on April 25th, 2013.

In continuing to demonstrate the commitment to higher standards, AMERA is now accepting applications for their Level 1 Accreditation for both Non-Transplant Tissue Banks and Bioskills Facilities. Adherence to these standards that AMERA has provided as well as accreditation will demonstrate a commitment to higher standards and ethics to this field. Non-transplant tissue banks service many organizations such as hospitals, universities, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, emergency service personnel, and bioskills facilities. These are just a few; however, all of these organizations are absolutely dependent on the use of cadaveric tissue to further medical education and research. For this reason these types of organizations should seek to become accredited for their respective areas of use and handling of non-transplantable tissue to ensure the safety and proper use of cadaveric tissue. Accreditation by AMERA will highlight an organization as being one that is committed to professional and ethical standards within the industry.

More information on AMERA, the standards, and accreditation are available at

Johnell Fleming
The American Medical Education and Research Association

Quinn Morrison - Friday, November 08, 2013

Promote Citizen's Rights

AMERA supports our industry by engaging in legislative lobbying to promote the rights of a citizen’s autonomous right to choose, common sense in licensing and increased transparency for non-transplant banks when working with the community. In the Past, AMERA representatives have lobbied for the introduction of responsible legislation in Texas, Arizona, Oregon, New Jersey, Minnesota and Florida.

Quinn Morrison - Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oregon State Legislature

AMERA partnered with its membership in 2010 and lobbied the Oregon state legislature in 2010 and 2011 to require that all non-transplant tissue banks be regulated under the Oregon Department of Health and to register with the state in the same way that transplant banks are required. This work is ongoing and we will have updates as soon as possible on this year’s legislative cycle.

Quinn Morrison - Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AMERA is an organized Arizona non-profit association, wholly supported by its members and sponsors. AMERA operates as a peer-recognized organization with members and officers from throughout the United States. Its headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. AMERA is comprised of representatives from throughout the field of medical education and research. Each individual member and individual member establishment is encouraged to participate in the operation and growth of AMERA.