Non-Transplant Tissue Bank + Bioskill

AMERA Institutional Membership

Any institution (for-profit or not-for-profit) in the non-clinical tissue, bioskill, and related industries.

Benefits of Institutional Membership:

  • Everything included above in Individual Membership Benefits
  • Discounted registration for AMERA in-person meetings (Up to 2 employees)
  • Access to Preferred Vendor Directory (Coming 2013)
  • Full voting privileges in AMERA elections (for one designated employee, refer to standards booklet)
  • Eligibility to run for elected offices and to serve on AMERA Committees (for up to two designated employees)
  • Use of AMERA Institutional Logo
  • Institutional Membership Certificate
  • Listing your institution on the AMERA website with a link to your institution's website

AMERA is an organized Arizona non-profit association, wholly supported by its members and sponsors. AMERA operates as a peer-recognized organization with members and officers from throughout the United States. Its headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. AMERA is comprised of representatives from throughout the field of medical education and research. Each individual member and individual member establishment is encouraged to participate in the operation and growth of AMERA.