How to Efficiently Clean Your Bathroom

Looking for a faster, more efficient way to clean your bathroom? Spending less than 10 minutes each day on simple bathroom cleaning can significantly improve the cleanliness of your bathroom. It will also help cut down on the time you spend on a real thorough weekly bathroom cleaning. Read the tips below to learn how to clean your bathroom quickly and more efficiently.General Bathroom Upkeep* After you finish showering, take a towel and wipe the walls of the tub/shower, including the glass doors. This will help cut down on mildew growth by eliminating moisture from the tile and glass doors.* Keep washcloths and a spray bottle filled with your favorite cleaner in your bathroom vanity for quick cleaning. Spray the sink and toilet and then wipe it dry.* Use another washcloth or rag to wipe the door knobs and handles. Wiping the door knobs and handles will decrease the amount of germs and decrease the chances of on passing germs from person to person. * Spray some bathroom cleaner on the floor, dampen a rag and w...


The Importance of a Dishwasher Cleaner

A dishwasher cleaner and detergents are important and necessary parts of our kitchen hygiene. You cannot avoid these products whether you dishes are washed manually or in a dishwasher. We use detergents on our dishes, but it is important to know if they are working as well as they should be. It is important to consider the ingredients in these products if we haven't before and to learn about possible side effects that can be caused by using them. As people are becoming more aware of household health hazards, there are doubts about the toxicity in cleaners. After dishes are washed by detergents, a few of them leave a residue behind on the surface of dishes that can be consumed the next time these dishes are used. Some detergents have disinfectants that can be harmful to skin or that can emit gases that are not good for the respiratory system and could cause allergies. After use, detergents flow down the drain. They have to undergo chemical treatment in sewage plants before they are released into waterways. ...


Kitchen Cleaning: Is Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Worth It?

Kitchen Cleaning is one of those unavoidable tasks; it's just something that must be done each and every day. Whether you are single and living in an apartment or a mom in a larger home, you want to be sure that your kitchen is not only clean, but also germ-free. During the past 10 years, anti-bacterial cleaning products have flooded the market. At first, these products were convenient, providing a simple way to disinfect kitchen sinks and countertops. But today, research has revealed that these products are overused and causing some strains of bacteria to become resistant. In fact, the American Medical Association recommends that consumers limit their exposure to anti-bacterial products. With more than three-quarters of soaps and cleaning products containing anti-bacterial ingredients, it's hard to avoid purchasing these type of cleaning products. The good news is that you can make your own homemade disinfecting kitchen cleaning products without the anti-bacterial agents. If you do purchase cleaning products...


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